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Z Gravy Chase

Impacting Today’s Youth


AGENZ worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County to design a logo and branding for their new marathon, the Z Gravy Chase.¬†With a similar mission as AGENZ, the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County’s goal of the marathon was to raise money to help fund its multiple locations throughout Boone County, providing vital learning opportunities to children. The organizers of the Z Gravy Chase wanted a playful yet unique logo that stood out among similar marathons throughout the area. AGENZ developed a standalone turkey character used on medals, t-shirts, banners and more. The full logo was used on apparel provided to those who registered for the race.


Multiple logo variations were created using Thanksgiving themed colors alongside the town of Zionsville green that the marathon is hosted in. Using a red and yellow background allowed the thick and dark strokes outlining the turkey to pop. This, alongside the bold and playful text made the logo easy to digest and read from a far distance but quick to stand out on banners and shirts.


Exceeding Their Goal


The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County exceed their initial donation goal during the first marathon, as it was a wild success. With branded t-shirts, hats and medals for those who crossed the finish line, the marathon brought together the community for a great cause. The marathon continues showcase the logo in alternative variations each year to welcome back registrants looking to burn off some calories before the Thanksgiving feast.


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