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Walk The Walk Brand

Streetwear For Christians


AGENZ was approached by Walk The Walk Brand to oversee its new website development, while working with the team to create brand messaging that effectively promoted its mission. Walk The Walk Brand’s goal was to push modern day Christians to walk the walk for Christ. With a focus on sharp, edgy streetwear designs, the brand utilized various color schemes in its multiple releases. AGENZ assisted in the designs for its Talk The Talk line, where bold blacks, yellows and whites were sewn and printed on numerous apparel pieces.


Apparel That Works Together


Walk The Walk Brand wanted its apparel lines to work well together in contrast other brands at the time. WIth custom sewn and embroidered collars, jacket sleeves and hats, the brand was able to successful capture an image that sparked conversation from viewers. AGENZ oversaw manufacturing with the design of its Walk The Walk black bucket hat as well.


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