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Investing Prior To The IPO


AGENZ worked with Prior2IPO to develop its consumer app and its 7 affiliate websites. Prior2IPO offers accredited investors access to pre-ipo opportunities. The purpose behind Prior2IPO’s mobile app was lead generation and capture. Acting more as a funnel, the app notified current and prospective members of new pre-ipo opportunities. Additionally, it allowed interested members to submit their information for lead generation. The app was designed with a professional but welcoming feel. As anything with money is a touchy subject, making all aspects of the app green and grey was essential to ensuring a positive view towards potential offers.


Prior2IPO’s Affiliates


Prior2IPO’s affiliates needed websites to showcase current opportunities, capture leads and push users to contact the agency. Each website needed a unique feel but also needed to portray a financial-type color scheme and font. Each website was made with different colors, layouts, and fonts but was create as a funnel with lead generation being the focus. As each affiliate does multimillions in sales each year, the websites needed to be secure, stable and kept up to date to ensure prospective members were welcomed with a positive experience.


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