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New Equity Consulting

Offering Exclusive Pre-IPO Access


AGENZ worked with New Equity Consulting to create a stunning website to welcome potential accredited investors. New Equity Consulting offers accredited investors access to some of today’s biggest pre-IPO investment opportunities. AGENZ’s goal was to develop a website that acted as a funnel but also provided the necessary information and experience a potential investor would expect. Additionally, the website needed to list companies that New Equity Consulting offered access to. AGENZ created the logo and branding behind the company. Utilizing the light blue accent color, the website took on a darker tone to convey a more serious and trustworthy brand.


Creating a Premier User Experience


The New Equity Consulting website focused on one thing: driving lead generation. AGENZ integrated an automated Facebook Messenger tool to answer any questions and drive lead generation. Additionally, a multitude of call to action buttons were placed throughout the site. A newsletter sign up form was placed at the footer as well with a custom designed and fully automated email drip campaign to drive lead generation.


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