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Mobile Ordering For Local Cafes


AGENZ worked with Cortado to design a new app experience for users. Based out of Madison, WI, Cortado was trying to change the game for local coffee shops and cafes by providing their loyal customers with the ability to order online. Lowering the resources and capital needed for local shops to compete with big name players like Starbucks, Cortado wanted to offer its shops an easy way to engage with customers, track sales and offer subscription discounts for guaranteed monthly sales. The consumer facing side of the app was focused on pushing the subscription coffee ordering service, showcasing shops that offered mobile ordering and allowing customers to order from the app.


Getting Creative With Coffee


AGENZ took a unique approach to the app design. Rather than sticking with the common rounded buttons and simple user-interface, AGENZ designs a playful and welcoming interface filled with unique animations, illustrations and more. Cortado was about helping coffee shops that were a little off-the-wall to increase sales. By creating an app that took on the unique and specialty feel of the coffee shops and cafes, both shops and their customers could feel welcomed into the app experience. AGENZ pushed the subscription service to customers but also provided numerous ways for them to order online and find shops that offered the Cortado service. Building a custom web app for administrators, shops could view incoming orders in a kanban-type board, manage the menu and view sales live as they were made.


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