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BRU Beer

Beer For The Next Generation


AGENZ worked with BRU to complete its brand strategy, newsletter campaigns, packaging design (cans and cases) and website development. BRU is an influencer-backed beer company launching throughout the midwest in mid-2021. The company is looking to target consumers seeking an experience when consuming its beer, not just the flavor. AGENZ and BRU were able to develop a brand voice and strategy that resonated with its target audience. The can and case designs were unique and meant to stand out on the shelves of big box and local mom and pop stores. Built in Klaviyo, its automated newsletter campaigns were created to target potential ambassadors for the brand and to push social media following and apparel sales.


Building Fans of the Brand


BRU worked to develop an extensive brand strategy early to build a committed fan base for its launch. WIth pre-launch parties, sponsorship and other viral marketing stunts, AGENZ and BRU were able to position the brand as something the youngest generation of those drinking could be proud of. This, alongside social media friendly packaging and apparel encouraged the creation of user generated content which the brand could utilize. BRU is gearing up for its launch later this year, 2021.


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