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Boone County Chamber

Representing a Multitude of Communities


The Boone County Chamber was one of AGENZ’s earliest clients, working together to design a new logo and brand to represent the organization’s new mission.¬†Connecting¬†Communities – Advancing Businesses, the tagline is represented via the two gears, “connecting” together while moving to “advance” forward. Additional gear icons were created to represent each of the 6 communities throughout Boone County.


Branding Each Initiative


The Boone County Chamber’s numerous initiatives throughout the community needed logos and branding that resonated with the overall theme of the chamber but remained unique. AGENZ designed multiple logos for the chamber for initiatives like Women Inspiring Women and Off The Clock. Each logo contained specific theme elements which portrayed the purpose of the initiatives while maintaining the chamber’s color blue, yellow and grey color scheme.


A Website Years In The Making


AGENZ worked with the Boone County Chamber after their organization struggled to release a half built website from a previous developer. After deciding to start from scratch, the chamber is proud to soon release the redesigned website to its over 300+ business and community members. The new website contains a multitude of resources for community members, a detailed membership directory, Zoom integration and more. With the new website, the organization can proudly offer members of the community and its organization the resources it needs to seek continued success.


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