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7 Killer Reasons Email Marketing is Still Relevant in 2021


Email marketing is far from dead. And it’s surprising how well it competes with paid marketing channels for space in a marketing strategy. However, it is crucial that we understand how relevant email marketing is in 2021. To help you with that, we have shortlisted some of the reasons we think you need to integrate email marketing into your online marketing strategy. Let’s discuss them in detail.


1. Generates better conversion rates than other channels

Did you know that email marketing has yielded the highest return on investment in the last decade? Not just that, it has an impressive conversion rate of 66 percent! Email marketing experts claim that you can earn up to $44 for every dollar spent. To achieve better results, we suggest you use email marketing by coupling it with performance optimization tactics.


2. Drive more traffic to your business website

Traffic is never going to be a problem with email marketing. Why? Email marketing does an excellent job of reminding your subscribers of your brand and giving them reasons to return! However, you will need to create email copies that entice the readers to click on the links and read the rest of the content.


3. Seamless integration with other marketing channels

One of the most compelling reasons we like email marketing is its ability to integrate with social media marketing, webinars, content marketing, and other marketing channels. To make this work, you should make sure that branding is consistent throughout the channels. Wonder how you can integrate email marketing with other channels? Connect with our team at AGENZ to learn how!


4. Improves customer engagement and retention

Email marketing never disappoints when your primary concern is customer engagement and retention. All you have to do is pack enough punch in your email marketing campaign. Ensure a value-laden email copy and customer engagement will never worry you. 


5. Drives the audience to take action

At the end of the day, you want email marketing to bring you results. In other words, you want the recipients to take action on your CTAs. Email marketing optimization tactics ensure proper placement of CTA buttons, perfect subject lines, high-performing copy, appropriate visuals, and more. In other words, you will create an email marketing campaign that influences your audience.


6. Massive opportunity to use personalization

Modern-day customers are smart and won’t convert to your generic emails. You will have to put some thought into the customer’s journey to conversion. An in-depth audience analysis will allow you to personalize the email marketing campaign for your recipients. 


7. Reliable channel to boost brand awareness

When you use email marketing to talk about your brand’s motto, values, products, services, and more, you give your audience an opportunity to learn about you. Use your brand identity intelligently inside the emails to improve the brand recall value. Prepare a memorable email marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and recognition.


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We, at AGENZ, are confident that the reasons mentioned above helped you realize the firepower email marketing packs in 2021. It is unbelievably exciting to see such an old-school marketing channel performing better than other channels in the market. So, do you think email marketing will cut it for your brand? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out other informative posts in the blog too!