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6 Massive Email Marketing Trends in 2021


Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing channels. But, it never ceases to surprise us with its ability to evolve. A key tool in the world of online marketing, email marketing has shown how brands can develop better relationships with customers and, in the process, improve their return on investments.


1. AI for email marketing optimization

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, isn’t it? There are now countless tools which can help digital marketers master their craft. AI can help us optimize email marketing campaigns as well as execute them smoothly. We can expect AI to write compelling subject lines, optimize send times, and restructure the campaigns for best performance.


2. Interactive marketing and gamification

Email marketing channels don’t need to be boring. You can put an interesting twist to the campaigns by adding interactive content to them. We suggest you use GIFs, polls, surveys, carousels, videos, compelling CTAs and more inside the emails. Gamification is another crucial email marketing trend that will help you link your reward system to a gaming experience inside the emails!


3. Improving mobile experience

An increasing number of internet users access emails on a smartphone or mobile device. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to develop email marketing campaigns that are easily accessible on the devices. The best way to achieve that is by hiring email marketing experts to optimize the campaigns for an excellent mobile experience. 


4. Providing more value to customers

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how crucial it is to personalize email marketing campaigns. Adding more to that, it has become important for you to incorporate customer appreciation strategies in the campaigns as well! Sending out personalized birthday messages, event invites, thank you messages, and more can significantly improve your relationship with the customers. 


5. Privacy-friendly campaigns

Ensure that all your email campaigns are GDPR compliant. Make it a habit to review the campaigns and evaluate them for data privacy standards. Also, ensure that your customers know how much you care about their privacy and information protection. Make it easier for customers to opt out of the newsletters as well!


6. User-Generated Content

Customers always want to know what other people have to think about your brand. This helps them make an informed purchasing decision. To facilitate that, you can ask your customers to produce content for you! Just add customer reviews, poll results, pictures, and videos of people using your products to your emails. We highly recommend you implement this cost-effective email marketing trend.


Keep Reading!

At AGENZ, we believe that email marketing isn’t going to stop evolving in the coming years. Therefore, it makes complete sense to become an early adopter of these trends as they will be foundational for the ones coming in. Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to check out other informative posts in the blog!