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5 Perfect Elements That Make an Effective Website Design


An effective website design is planned with the user in mind. Once you figure out your target audience, it will become easier to achieve any set website design goals. But what does an effective website design entail? What are the elements that feed into the user experience and functionality? The team at AGENZ has shortlisted five common elements of successful website designs. Let’s discuss them in detail:


1. Mobile-friendly design

Google is quickly driving towards building a mobile-first ecosystem and wants you to join in on the trend. A mobile-friendly website design is extremely useful, especially when considering the recent smartphone penetration across the world. Design a website that can load on any mobile device without compromising on speed and quality. It requires scaling the elements and design assets to achieve a cleaner and uncluttered user experience. 


2. Follow a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is arguably the most important ‘principle of design.’ It allows designers to display the website assets clearly and effectively. Moreover, it will enable you to drive the user’s attention to the right place on a page. Begin with highlighting the business name and logo to make them more prominent. Remember – what’s large and bold attracts attention. Then nail the website layout – placing everything where it should be.


3. Effective funnel creation

You don’t just want to have a website that ‘looks good.’ You want the site to help you achieve your business goals. A website is an integral part of any sales funnel, and you must align its design accordingly. Design a short but inviting opt-in form for your newsletter. Optimize the checkout pages to ensure higher conversions and less cart abandonment. Automate lead generation using chatbots too!


4. Improve content readability

Content is the backbone of any business website since it has the information your target audience is looking for. Pay great attention to how you create and place content on your site. Ensure a high site readability by making the content scannable and structured. You would also want to choose the proper color contrast, letter size, font face, and text theme.


5. Call-to-actions (CTAs)

Website owners do an excellent job when it comes to directing traffic to their sites. But, they hardly ever drive it to conversion successfully. Visitors landing on your site won’t know where to go to get the information they landed on the site for. That’s why our development team creates compelling call-to-actions and place them where your visitors can see them. Use CTAs to drive visitors to conversion.


Keep Reading!

Website designs with the elements mentioned above often facilitate businesses in achieving their set business and marketing goals. However, implementing these elements isn’t as simple as our team has made them sound. 

Why? An effective website design demands a perfect balance between these elements, which only a professional website designer can achieve.

Don’t sweat it. If you need a reputable agency that you can trust, know that AGENZ is a call away. Connect with us, and our team will give your business website the care it deserves! Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to check out other informative posts on our blog.